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MrMattimation's News

Posted by MrMattimation - March 24th, 2019

Featuring clips from projects I’ve worked on in the last three years: My Little Brony “The Dish”, Undertale “The Twin Souls”, Unidentified Flying Angst, bart, and Swole Foods.

Posted by MrMattimation - December 26th, 2018

Hey y'all I'm doing some live streaming, come watch me fiddle around with Blender



Posted by MrMattimation - October 19th, 2018



Posted by MrMattimation - September 15th, 2018

In case you missed it, episodes 3 and 4 of The Twin Souls were released in July and August respectively. You can watch them by clicking down below.



Posted by MrMattimation - March 14th, 2017

I'm still workin on cartoonz. Remember how it took me two years to make a sequel to My Little Brony???? ha ha ha yeah let's make sure that never happens again.

The Twin Souls Part 2 is goin pretty smoothly so far, I think it'll be done by April. It's another long one, like fifteen minutes or some shit. Whoops???????????????? I've been thinking about cutting Part 2 into Parts 2 and 3, but I'm not sure yet because one part would definitely be way shorter than the other. Thoughts???????

I stream work on this cartoon FREQUENTLY. Subscribe to my YouTube to get notifications whenever I go live, I'm streaming basically every other day. 

Anyway here's some WIP stuff.



3726045_148951328573_ShapeTweenCameraaorb.gifsoulja boy please be my friend :(




Posted by MrMattimation - December 27th, 2016


“You think you are above consequences.”

After losing the power to RESET, having strange nightmares, accidentally causing the death of a monster, and encountering Flowey for the first time since leading the monsters to the surface, Frisk Dreemurr, ambassador of monster-human relations, seeks out the former Royal Scientist, Alphys, in hopes that she can figure out just what’s going on, and perhaps even solve the enigma that is Chara.

Undyne, however, learns of Frisk’s actions and finds herself questioning who her friends really are. Anger may overcome reason as she struggles to cope with Frisk’s misdeeds. Was Frisk ever truly her friend, or has she left Alphys’ life in the hands of a dangerous killer?

Friendships will be tested and boundaries will be pushed as Alphys delves uncomfortably deep into Frisk’s past and psyche in an attempt to figure out what the hell is going on… but she may get more than she bargained for, and in her quest to save Frisk, she may find herself in need of saving.

Things may never be the same again in Part 2 of Mattimation’s most ambitious and most acclaimed story yet, Undertale - The Twin Souls.


Posted by MrMattimation - October 19th, 2016

HOLY FUCK dude, this has been a crazy week.

Alright, so, first of all, last week I released a new cartoon, Undertale: The Twin Souls. If you HAVEN'T seen it yet, you can do so either here on Newgrounds or on YouTube. Whichever you prefer. 

The support for Undertale has been OVERWHELMING. Seriously. I did not expect such a great response. It's being watched way faster than anything I'd ever released and people have been saying so many nice things and it got featured on the FRONT PAGE which has never happened to me before and I'm just totally stoked about the whole thing. I haven't had a video do this well since 2012. I worked basically the whole summer on it and I tried a lot of new things and I didn't know if people would like the more dramatic direction and I'm so glad people did.

So, what's happening next? Well, obviously I'm working on continuing the arc that this cartoon started. I know the insane gap between the original My Little Brony (2012) and the conclusion (2015) was ridiculous and unacceptable, but I've got my shit figured out now, so that won't be happening again. I promisee. I've written a bigass script that I think people are gonna like, and I'm excited to show more. If you pledge $3 or more on Patreon you get cool behind the scenes stuff along with it updated at least a few times a week and I don't charge people until I've actually finished a cartoon so I THINK it's a pretty fair trade. There are more rewards too the more you pledge but I won't go into that here, you can read all about it on the page itself. And again, my campaign is per-cartoon, NOT per-month, so it won't bleed you dry or anything.

Besides that, I'm gonna be putting out little small stuff in the gap between big releases so that my page isn't totally dead until then. Nothing huge, just little things that can be made in a weekend or something to keep people entertained. Those also will NOT be charged on my Patreon. So just to reiterate: Patrons are only charged when I put out a longer cartoon that I feel like I've worked hard on, not per month, and not every time I release a short little timewaster. 

Thanks again for the support, I'm glad people liked the cartoon, and I hope Part 2 does even better. See you around.





Posted by MrMattimation - August 28th, 2016

It's about Undertale. Roughly 11 minutes long. All that's left to be done for it is the music. I'll upload it once the music is done. That's all, really.

I'm very tired. Here's a preview. Patreon link is in the bottom if you wanna support my work. I dunno. Here you go.

okay goodnight





Posted by MrMattimation - July 25th, 2016


I've been hard at work on a new cartoon, it's almost done but it's been a really crazy few months. I've been streaming while I work sometimes, usually with my pals Chris and Dion, I stream on YT and YT is pretty BAD at notifying people so if you wanna check it out, follow me on Twitter and you'll know when THAT'S happening. So YEAH. And then there's also my Patreon if you wanna support my work 'CAUSE AD-REV DON'T PAY THE BILLS VERY WELL, WHATEVER, back to work with me. I'm linking my Twitter, Patreon, and YouTube where I post about, get support for, and stream, RESPECTIVELY, so you'll NEVER be out of the loop again. Sorry I haven't touched Newgrounds since like March, YOU KNOW HOW IT IS, CARTOONS DON'T ANIMATE THEMSELVES.

At least I'm not doing pony cartoons anymore LOL




Posted by MrMattimation - April 8th, 2016

Hey friends!

Last week I released the finale to that horse series I started back in 2012. It's been a fun ride but it's time for me to move on to something I enjoy a little more. You can watch that below:

Just today I released the ANIMATIC to said finale, because why not? You can see that below as well. In the future, I'll release the storyboards to each cartoon I release, starting with the next one, to anybody who donates $3 or more to my Patreon, so if you wanna see stuff like that, I suggest you check the page out! 

Now that I'm done with that, I can move on to bigger projects that I care about a little more. I've decided to start moving towards short, self-contained arc-based stories told over the course of a few cartoons because it'll allow me to tell bigger stories while still maintaining a manageable length for each video and without increasing the time between releases. The first one is being worked on right now and hopefully I'll have the first part out around June? I hope? I'm not gonna give any solid release dates yet.


I've got a lot of cool stuff planned! Stick around!