Undertale - The Twin Souls [Part 2] Announcement

2016-12-27 00:19:27 by MrMattimation


“You think you are above consequences.”

After losing the power to RESET, having strange nightmares, accidentally causing the death of a monster, and encountering Flowey for the first time since leading the monsters to the surface, Frisk Dreemurr, ambassador of monster-human relations, seeks out the former Royal Scientist, Alphys, in hopes that she can figure out just what’s going on, and perhaps even solve the enigma that is Chara.

Undyne, however, learns of Frisk’s actions and finds herself questioning who her friends really are. Anger may overcome reason as she struggles to cope with Frisk’s misdeeds. Was Frisk ever truly her friend, or has she left Alphys’ life in the hands of a dangerous killer?

Friendships will be tested and boundaries will be pushed as Alphys delves uncomfortably deep into Frisk’s past and psyche in an attempt to figure out what the hell is going on… but she may get more than she bargained for, and in her quest to save Frisk, she may find herself in need of saving.

Things may never be the same again in Part 2 of Mattimation’s most ambitious and most acclaimed story yet, Undertale - The Twin Souls.



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2016-12-28 20:37:40

Don't listen to that bully SpareMatt!


2016-12-28 20:37:49

yeah bro change your username, lmao.


2017-02-05 00:37:20

Dude I,m exited this is way darker than the genocide route itself