Entry #17

Quick update

2017-03-14 13:45:56 by MrMattimation

I'm still workin on cartoonz. Remember how it took me two years to make a sequel to My Little Brony???? ha ha ha yeah let's make sure that never happens again.

The Twin Souls Part 2 is goin pretty smoothly so far, I think it'll be done by April. It's another long one, like fifteen minutes or some shit. Whoops???????????????? I've been thinking about cutting Part 2 into Parts 2 and 3, but I'm not sure yet because one part would definitely be way shorter than the other. Thoughts???????

I stream work on this cartoon FREQUENTLY. Subscribe to my YouTube to get notifications whenever I go live, I'm streaming basically every other day. 

Anyway here's some WIP stuff.



3726045_148951328573_ShapeTweenCameraaorb.gifsoulja boy please be my friend :(





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