I'm still animating, I swear!

2015-08-10 01:00:52 by MrMattimation

Hey you! So, the response to My Little Brony 2 was pretty awesome, I gotta say! Can’t believe it’s already been four and a half months! So I am still very much at work on creating cartoons, I took a slight break after MLB 2 but now I’m back! Here are some things you may have missed since then!

SPEEDPAINT: Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)

Sort of an experiment for me, I timelapsed a drawing I did back in April. I might do more, who knows?


As clickbait-y as the title is, I really like this short cartoon I did in May as an animation experiment. I tried a couple of new things here, and I think they worked pretty well!


Also an experiment, I made this video as a class project at the end of May. To this day it’s the only thing I’ve ever animated in 4:3.

My Little Brony - Act One w/ Commentary

Ever wanted to hear me talk over my own videos for half an hour? Well, now you can! I did commentary for most of my major videos between now and June 2012 because… I felt like it?

So, right now I’m pretty content with just working on a bunch of small shorts until we’re ready to begin the next BIG project, written by Sarah Coyle​ and Jonathan DiNovo​. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m working on CURRENTLY.


I'M SO ORIGINAL LOL. Anyway, I wrote this one. It’s gonna be longer than the other shorts that I’ve done since My Little Brony 2, looking to be around 4 minutes. So yeah, stay tuned for that! We got a lot of good stuff in store for you guys, stick around!

See you around!



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2015-08-10 02:08:05

so? you want us to be happy or sorry for you?

MrMattimation responds:

Uh, neither?


2015-08-10 07:57:43

Hey nice videos, some funny jokes in there, can definitely tell that you have the chance to improve greatly and could be a big animator one day!

MrMattimation responds:

Thanks, friend!


2015-08-10 08:08:17

Is it just me or did you just copy the eddsworld intro :/ And why a fnaf parody, it's not original why do it?

MrMattimation responds:

First question: It's just you. Second question: Because I had an idea that I genuinely thought was funny and I don't think the fact that it's about Five Nights at Freddy's should prevent me from making it.


2015-08-10 13:30:22

I believe you


2015-08-11 04:31:29

No more fucking FNAF and MLP...........

MrMattimation responds:

I'll get right on that, boss-man.